Hall of Fame

Sadly from time to time, players decide to move on or have to return to their native lands, the players below represent the special few who have had their shirt number retired

#2 Beth Bear (2016)

Beth didn’t play as often as we would have liked but she has played at least once every season so far. She excels in the infield and outfield and very capable with the bat as well, her talents will be missed.

#5 Liam Carroll (2011)

Coached at UNLV and now works for Baseball Softball UK, he recalls his greatest accomplishment of the 2011 season as taking 128 ABs and never taking a walk! "Apparently if you see more than 2 pitches in softball then you're out there for all the wrong reasons! A walk is never as good as a base hit!" - Jim Rome on Softball guy...look it up!

#9 Jill Slachta (2011)


Jill could be the toughest chick I've met in while, finishing a game with a broken toe without anyone even knowing she was hurt and I think the only reason she was upset was the fact she couldn't wear heels for 2 weeks! She does no favours for the New York stereotype but she plays hard in and around the bad language!

#13 Bryan Tavares (2016)


Bryan returns to the US after playing almost every tournament since his debut in 2012 and leaves as the 2016 home run leader which he adds to his 2013 title.

#21 Carly Isaacs (2011

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The first ever Blue Steel player to have their number retired. Represented SUNY Albany Division 1 softball team and can throw a glove almost as far as she can throw the ball! Carly can play anywhere on the Diamond and play it well, teased us with an exemplary hitting display at Diamonds 3 but many a bat were thrown throughout the rest of the season! Seeing a pattern emerge with throwing "faulty" equipment

#22 The McMahon family (2013)

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Although Billy didn't play as much as we would have liked (he was kind of awesome and as Jason said: "we just want Billy to like us.") he did play at least once in each of our first 3 seasons...

Billy and Katie, along with Meghan, Liam and Ryan, returned to the States in July having spent 5 years in the UK. Despite being one of the more seasoned gentlemen on the team, Billy is the only person who would give Nate a run for his money at power hitting and as he says himself, we'll probably all retire before him anyway. If Katie had a number then that would have been retired too but whilst there are stories of her taking the field in the past for the Muppets, I have only ever seen her sitting on the side either being pregnant or with a beer...and on that subject, many a softball social either started or finished at their house including two full on Thanksgiving suppers. Their presence on and off the field will be sorely missed but they have already reserved a spot for PSST 2015.

#69 Nathan Sumpter (2011)

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Nate (aka Huggy Bear) is leading the team in home runs, slugging and cuddles...the last one may not be an offical statistic but it's the reason he's on the team! Dominated the Triple Crown and is still the only player to ever win it (even though he was only in the country for two-thirds of the tournaments) and defense was pretty tight too! 

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