Past Players

All past players will be immortalised in Blue Steel history for the rest of time...

Emily Gouge


Emily played Division 1 softball for Bowling Green as a pitcher and she was one of the original 4 sitting around 'that' table in 'that' mexican restaurant when the idea of the team was originally whispered. Unfortunately due to financial reasons, she only managed to take the field at one tournament this season and she returns to the States when she finishes her research in September...

Steph Kovach


Steph is from New Jersey and plays league games with the Meteors. She has one of the most powerful and most wild arms in the oufield!

Paul Wallis


Paul 'Shaggy' Wallis has been playing softball in the UK for the longest out of any of us, starting around 16 years ago with the Muppets and still plays with them now.

Carolyn White


Carolyn has now returned to her hometown of Houston and can recommend all the best fast food joints to visit if you ever go! She was studying for a Masters over here in the UK and first played for the team when she showed up on 12 hours notice to help us out with an injury and we were calling her ever since.

Ben Woods


Ben's Blue Steel career was hampered by injury after bare handing a come-backer against the Dragons in 2011 but he was one of the first players we approached after forming the team. His raw talent and enthusiasm for the game will be missed...he also came up with the design for our logo which we still use to this day.

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